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Keynote speakers

Learning, innovation and work-integrated education
by Stephen Billett, Griffith University


Global Vocational Training / STAR Program – A Globally Supported Work Integration Learning Program
by Cherry Cheng, Head of Vocational Training China, SAP



Bringing the Industry to the Classroom – Building Authenticity -the Swinburne-UQBS Advertising Capstone Challenge

Showcase Thursday A1 10:15

Mr David Reid, Swinburne University of Technology Co authors : Dr Nicole Hartley

Developing WIL in Austere Environments: An Interdisciplinary Approach to Building Operational Relationships in Paramedic and Outdoor Recreation Students for Future Practice.

Showcase Thursday A1 10:30

Dr Prue Gonzalez, Charles Sturt University Co authors : Mr Phillip Ebbs

Student-led lnterprofessional WIL. Developing Collaborative, Team-Based Graduate Capabilities

Showcase Thursday A1 11:15

Dr Margo Brewer, Curtin University Co authors : Dr Helen Flavell

Reinventing internships. An alternative to external field placements

Showcase Thursday A1 11:30

Dr Lindsay Carey, La Trobe University

Designed for Impact. Case Studies of Professional Experience for Social Change

Showcase Thursday A1 12:30

Mr Julian O’Shea, Unbound (www.unbound.edu.au)

Fostering connectedness in WIL: Reflections on improving students’ WIL experiences, enhancing connectivity, and developing an inclusive WIL network

Paper Thursday A1 12:30

Dr Abigail Winter, Queensland University of Technology

Work-Integrated Learning (WIL) Networks Within Australian Universities

Showcase Thursday A1 16:00

Ms Leoni Russell, RMIT University

Exploring the Role of WIL in Developing Professional Networking Capabilities for Career Development

Showcase Thursday A1 16:45

A/Prof Denise Jackson, Edith Cowan University Co authors : Prof Ruth Bridgstock, A/Prof Kate Lloyd

Reflection for Learning as a Quality Framework for WIL

Roundtable Thursday A2 10:15

A/Prof Marina Harvey, UNSW Co authors : A/Prof Kate Lloyd, Dr Kath McLachlan, Dr Anne-Louise Semple, Dr Greg Walkerden

Innovation and Scalability through a Centralised WIL Delivery Model

Roundtable Thursday A2 16:00

Mrs Lou Zoanetti, Monash Professional Pathways, Monash College

A Prospective Evaluation of Students Competencies during Work Integrated Learning (WIL) – Building Science Programs

Paper Thursday B1 10:15

Mr Charles Mothobiso, Tshwane University of Technology Co authors : Mr Rudzani Glen Muthelo

Ready and WILing: Science Students want more and earlier access to Work-Integrated Learning

Paper Thursday B1 10:15

Dr Joanne Elliott, Deakin University Co authors : Dr Trina Jorre de St Jorre, Prof Elizabeth Johnson

Network-Based Framework for Providing WIL-Focused Experiences in Non-Vocational STEM Discipline: Critical Reflections

Roundtable Thursday B1 16:00

Mrs Iwona Czaplinski, Queensland University of Technology Co authors : Prof Dann Mallet, Dr Abigail Winter, Ms Michelle Apps

Developing an Online Simulated Student Orientation Package for Challenging Clinical Placements: Lessons Learnt.

Showcase Thursday B2 10:30

Mrs Rhonda Beggs, Griffith University Co authors : Dr Judith Needham A/Prof Thea van de Mortel, Ms Creina Mitchell, Ms Cynthia Tait, Mrs Kate Barnewall, Prof Elizabeth Cardell, Ms Ashleigh Djachenko, Ms Suzanne Golby

Assessing Non-Partner International Internship Opportunities- Developing Guidelines for Academic Staff

Showcase Thursday B2 10:45

Ms Julie Harbert, Monash College Co authors : Ms Rachael Baron, Mr Tim Bendle

Innovations in work integrated learning. Building shared vision and definitions of quality in industry-engaged hackathons and competitions

Showcase Thursday B2 11:00

Dr Jeri Childers, University of Technology Sydney

A NSW regional school and university partnership, reconceptualising reciprocity in initial teacher education professional experience

Showcase Thursday B2 11:15

Dr Deb Clarke, Charles Sturt University

Effective supervision in West Australian schools

Showcase Thursday B2 11:30

Ms Madlen Griffiths, Edith Cowan University

Connectedness in Graduate Employability: An Investigation of Current International Education Policies and Relevant Literature

Paper Thursday B2 12:30

Ms Meg Lomm, University of New South Wales Co authors : Dr Kim Snepvangers, A/Prof Arianne Rourke

Debriefing, the Shapeshifter: How Practitioners Conceptualise Debriefing for Work-Integrated Learning

Paper Thursday B2 13:00

Dr Theresa Winchester-Seeto, Winchester-Seeto Consultancy Co authors : Dr Anna Rowe

Work integrated learning (WIL) legacies. Building student and supervisor capability

Showcase Thursday B2 16:00

Prof Andrew Martin, Massey University Co authors : Mr Malcolm Rees, Dr Jenny Fleming, Dr Karsten Zegwaard, Dr Karen Vaughan

Raising A New Generation of Student-teachers for the 21st Century. Field Experience Learning Through Connectivity and Technology

Showcase Thursday B2 16:15

Prof Wai Mui Christina Yu, The Education University of Hong Kong Co authors : Prof Wai Mui Christina Yu, Dr Timothy William Taylor, Dr Mei Po Mabel Shek, Dr Wai Yu Stella Kong

Factors for sustaining and building work integrated learning placements for health service managers.A case study

Showcase Thursday B2 16:30

Ms Sheree Lloyd, Griffith University

Generalist Degrees. Gateway to Future Employability

Showcase Thursday B3 10:15

Prof Liz Johnson, Deakin University Co authors : Dr Deanne Gannaway

Facilitating Knowledge Transfer across University and Work Contexts. A Focus on the Workplace

Showcase Thursday B3 10:30

Dr Jenny Fleming, Auckland University of Technology Co authors : A/Prof Denise Jackson, Dr Anna Rowe

Rethinking WIL for Block Mode Delivery -The VU FutureWIL project.

Showcase Thursday B3 10:45

Mr Darren Brown, Victoria University

Why Wait to Graduate. Engaging Students and Industry in WIL

Showcase Thursday B3 11:00

Dr Helen Weadon, Federation University Australia

Industry Partnerships in an Academic Void

Showcase Thursday B3 11:30

Ms Kym Sher, Curtin University

Back to the future: a case study of WIL 10 years on

Paper Thursday B3 12:30

Dr Jennifer Cartmel, Griffith University – School of Human Services and Social Work

Ethnography in Work Integrated Learning Research

Paper Thursday B3 13:00

Dr Bonnie Amelia Dean, University of Wollongong Co authors : Dr Bonnie Amelia Dean, Dr Chris Sykes, Dr Jan Turbill

Beyond Employability: Conceptualising WIL in Postgraduate Education

Paper Thursday B3 13:30

Mr Matthew Campbell, QUT Co authors : Ms Victoria Stewart, Dr Azharul Karim

Interim Report on Study Melbourne – Live Projects and its Impact on International Students’ Employability Skills

Showcase Thursday B3 16:15

Ms Hayley Bolding, Pracetra Co authors : Ms Hayley Bolding, Ms Angela Yoa, Ms Benita Ho, Ms Tania Groba

Developing the T-graduate through Work Integrated Learning

Paper Thursday Boulevard 11:15

Prof Andrew Martin, Massey University

In hosts, we trust: examining how WIL academics form mutual trust with industry through dialogic communication

Paper Thursday Boulevard Auditorium 10:15

Ms Kim Burley, University of South Australia

Reflection as an assessment tool to enhance entrepreneurial WIL practice

Paper Thursday Boulevard Auditorium 12:30

Dr Margarietha De Villiers Scheepers, University of the Sunshine Coast Co authors : Dr Renee Barnes

Emerging Models of Work Integrated Learning: Enablers and Challenges

Paper Thursday Boulevard Auditorium 13:00

Ms Sonia Ferns, Curtin University Co authors : Ms Leoni Russell, Ms Judie Kay, Ms Judith Smith

Breaking Down Barriers for WIL Engagement: Flexible, Responsive and Authentic Internship Models for the Creative Industries and beyond

Paper Thursday Boulevard Auditorium 13:30

Dr Clare Dyson, Swinburne University of Technology Co authors : Ms Sarah Briant


AGRIWIL – Embedding Employability into the Experience

Poster Friday 15:00

Ms Marnie Long, La Trobe University Co authors : Ms Julie Harbert, Ms Kelly McDermott, Mr Michael Healy

Developing a process for embedding Entrustable Professional Activities (EPAs) as an authentic form of assessing WIL

Showcase Friday A1 09:30

A/Prof Lisa Schmidt, Flinders University

The Cherbourg-QUT Project. Best Practices for WIL Engagement with an Aboriginal Community

Showcase Friday A1 09:45

Mrs Catherine Campbell, QUT Co authors : Dr Deb Duthie

Policies and Possibilities. Where are we up to in Developing WIL Policies

Showcase Friday A1 10:00

Dr Nancy Rees, Charles Darwin University

A Model for Cultural, Linguistic and Academic Support during WIL

Showcase Friday A1 10:15

Dr Averil Grieve, Monash University Co authors : Dr Sheila Vance

Much ado about WIL eh.

Showcase Friday A1 10:30

Ms Anne-Marie Fannon, University of Waterloo

Human Resource Professionals as Work-Integrated Learning (WIL) Gatekeepers

Showcase Friday A1 11:30

Mrs Jacqueline Mackaway, Macquarie University Co authors : Dr Theresa Winchester-Seeto

Going Rural Health – Rural Clinical Placement Support

Showcase Friday A1 12:00

Ms Trish Thorpe, The University of Melbourne Co authors : Ms Charmaine Swanson, Mr Murray Bardwell

A Clinical Learning Model for Aged Care Work Integrated Learning. Nursing Students and Supervisors Experiences

Showcase Friday A1 12:15

Mrs Colleen Ryan, CQUniversity Co authors : Mrs Pammie Ellem, Mrs Leeanne Heaton, Mrs Jennifer Mulvogue, Mrs Marina Cousins, Dr Linda De George-Walker

A Literature Review on Work-Based Learning in Higher Education. On Developing Entrepreneurship, Innovation and the Future Directions of Research in Australia

Showcase Friday A1 12:30

Mr Hugo Muianga, University of Southern Queensland (USQ)

Building Employability Skills through Collaborative Partnerships

Showcase Friday A1 12:45

Mr Rohan Holland, Readygrad

WIL assessment: Evidencing enterprise and entrepreneurial skills

Roundtable Friday A2 11:30

A/Prof Judith Smith, Queensland University of Technology Co authors : Ms Sonia Ferns, Ms Judie Kay, Ms Leoni Russell, Ms Maya Marcus, Mr Matthew Campbell

What WIL for Generation Z looks like

Roundtable Friday A2 13:45

Ms Brigitte McKenna, UNSW Business School Co authors : Ms Nicole James

Regulation of WIL and Managing the Risks

Roundtable Friday B1 09:30

Ms Anne Hewitt, The University of Adelaide Law School Co authors : Prof Andrew Stewart, Prof Judith Smith, Dr Craig Cameron

A Complex Web: Managing Relationships for Professional Mentoring

Roundtable Friday B1 11:30

Miss Jackie Fuller, The University of Queensland

Innovative Approaches to Embedding Employability in the Bachelor of Business through the use of Pebblepad

Showcase Friday B1 13:45

A/Prof Laurie Murphy, James Cook University Co authors : Dr Alf Kuilboer, Ms Karina Lynch

Language and Identity. Supporting Students’ Professional Language Development Throughout a Program of Study

Showcase Friday B1 14:00

Ms Heather Pate, Edith Cowan University

Global mobility stress. A study of Chinese returnee interns

Showcase Friday B1 14:15

A/Prof Vinh Lu, The Australian National University Co authors : Ms Pankhuri Malhotra, Dr Brett Scholz, Mr Grant Melvin, Dr Bronwen Whiting

Professional development needs of the Australian work-integrated learning community

Paper Friday B2 9:30

Judie Kay RMIT, Australia; Sonia Ferns, Curtin University, Australia; Karsten E. Zegwaard, University of Waikato, New Zealand; Kristina Johansson, University West, Sweden; Norah Mcrae, University of Victoria, Canada; Katharine Hoskyn, Auckland University of Technology, New Zealand

Assuring Quality in WIL – Is the Devil in the Detail?

Roundtable Friday B2 11:30

Dr Jo-Anne Chuck, Western Sydney University Co authors : A/Prof John Holdsworth, Dr Anne-Louise Semple, Mr Christopher Jones , A/Prof Peter Meier, Dr Erica Smith, A/Prof Franziska Trede, A/Prof David Casson-Medhurst

Collaboration and co-creation. Lessons from working in a multi-disciplinary team on the Industry Placement Progra

Showcase Friday B2 13:45

Mrs Grozdana Maric Manalo, The University of Sydney Business School, Careers and Employability Office

Encouraging experiential learning through co- and extra-curricular experiences

Showcase Friday B2 14:15

Ms Sharon Scott, University of Adelaide

Developing resilience, self-efficacy and professional identity in allied health students

Showcase Friday B3 09:45

Abigail Lewis, Edith Cowan University

Graduate identity through curriculum innovation

Showcase Friday B3 10:00

Dr Susan Chong, La Trobe University

Destination Unknown.Internship Induction in the Arts Faculty

Showcase Friday B3 10:15

Dr Felix Nobis, Monash University

Employability Week. A tool to increase students’ engagement, career awareness and employability through industry experience

Showcase Friday B3 10:30

Dr Laurence Orlando, Monash University

Exploring Student Futures as Business Graduates

Paper Friday B3 11:30

Dr Sophie Lindsay, Monash University Co authors : Dr Kelly Benati, Prof Dawn Bennett, A/Prof Colin Jevons

Academic work-integrated learning

Showcase Friday B3 12:00

Dr Michael Whelan, Southern Cross University

Developing undergraduate psychology students’ professional self-efficacy and identity.A qualitative analysis of a work integrated learning (WIL) course

Showcase Friday B3 12:30

Dr Kyra Hamilton, Griffith University

Adaptability of the UQ Employability Framework across WIL and Non-WIL Environments

Showcase Friday B3 13:45

Ms Anna Richards, The University of Queensland

Co-creating Curriculum to Support Co-op. A Case for Engaging both Partners and Students

Showcase Friday B3 13:45

Dr Jennifer Ruskin, PACE, Macquarie University Co authors : Dr Jennifer Ruskin, Ms Judy Hutchison, Dr Rebecca Bilous

A Holistic Approach to Evaluating an Institution-wide WIL Program

Showcase Friday B3 14:30

Dr Anna Rowe, University of New South Wales Co authors : Dr Kate Lloyd, Ms Cherie Nay, Ms Lucy Corrigan

Building a culture of medical professionalism: a case study

Paper Friday Boulevard Auditorium 12:30

Dr Roy Rasalam, James Cook University Co authors : A/Prof Sue Bandaranaike

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